Engineers apply science in the real world! Whether the job is related to a new structure or to forensic engineering, we use our understanding of the underling technical processes, coupled with our practical experience, to find solutions.

There is an old saying that an engineer can do for one dollar what any old fool can do for two!

Often that is the case; an engineer can save you money by providing advice on the most efficient structural systems to use or simply based on his knowledge of the practicality of construction.

Sometimes however, the construction requirements may be more that you envisaged. This is because there are minimum codes and standards, many of which are related to safety which must be complied with. Underlying these codes is the fundamental concept that you are ultimately saving in the long run - either in terms of human lives or else by reducing maintenance or repair costs.

However, we don't live in a perfect world. There is a definition of Structural Engineering which goes as follows:

Structural Engineering

The art of modelling materials that we do not wholly understand, into shapes that we cannot precisely analyse, so as to withstand forces we cannot properly assess, in such a way that the public at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance!